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Etalon your multiservice partner

Etalon is a fast-growing full-service company and we always aim to work long-term and close to our customers in order to together match the need with the right skills and create effective solutions for you.

Get a high-quality delivery

When you choose Etalon AB, you choose a company whose first task is to provide you with a pleasant indoor and outdoor environment. We take care of the maintenance of your property and make sure that everything works well. But at the same time we want to give you that little extra. With us, you therefore not only get real estate services for the money. You get a service team with modern machinery that stands for a high work ethic, high-quality care and efficient efforts – with an incredibly broad and long experience.

Services within our property service

Property inspection and supervision

We regularly inspect your property and make sure everything is in good condition. In the event of a problem, we assist immediately with troubleshooting efforts.


Have the weeds taken over? Etalon will be happy to help you clear! We also cut the hedge, carry out tree pruning and plant - depending on need and season. In the autumn, of course, we take care of the leaf fall with our modern machines.

Maintenance work and carpentry

When you need help with carpentry work, painting, building a fence, a barbecue area and more, Etalon is available to help you with this.

Local care

Time to clean the stairwell or clean the windows? We like to keep your surroundings clean and tidy. In addition, we take care of the laundry room and other common areas in your property.

Ground work

Do you want to give your local environment a boost by creating, for example, a patio or bicycle parking? Then we are here to help you. If you need help with larger earthworks, we at Etalon have a wide range of skills.

Construction management / Project management

Construction projects are an organization, albeit a temporary one. Therefore, someone needs to take on the role of leading the construction project to make things happen. Project management is sometimes included in the services of a contractor, but there are many reasons why it is better for you as a client to have a construction project manager who is your representative.

Electrical works

Our electricians are here to help you with all kinds of problems – everything from planning and installations for new construction to ongoing service work. We also help with troubleshooting and repairs.


Etalon AB cooperates with some of the largest manufacturers on the market when it comes to fences and enclosures. We can help you with everything from planning, design and installation. We have developed a process that ensures that the project is completed on time and at the right price. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your project.

Painting and wallpapering

Should you wallpaper or paint? we can help you with everything from wallpapering a simple foundation wall to wallpapering entire rooms. Feel free to contact us and we will come out and do a joint review of the work. And of course we can help you with the purchase of materials if you wish.


We carry out all existing demolitions, excavations and clean-ups. Each project is carefully prepared with demolition plans and plans for how the demolition material is to be handled safely and environmentally.
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Coarse garbage

Do you need help with bulky waste and rubbish? We can help ayy fetch this we anytime. We are fast and efficient. Contact us for time and place and we will pick up your rubbish!
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